Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kasen's Blessing October 31, 2010

Kasen B. Peterson was blessed on October 31, 2010 by his Grandpa Jerry. We blessed him at home in front of family and friends. He looked so HANDSOME in his suit! He didn't like being in the suit at all because it buttoned up so tight on his neck and the tie was rough too. But he looked cute! He cried through his entire blessing. This is completely uncharacterisitc of Kasen. I stripped him down to only his onesie and socks and he still cried. He was full and even got a nap before. I think it was because he was lying down and wanted to be up looking around. We had a nice day and the weather was awesome too. Here are pics from the day.


Handsome AJ in his dressy attire

Grandpa Jerry and Kasen

My boys before the blessing

5 generations!

Kasen and his Great Great Grandpa Oram

Our little family

Grandma and Grandpa King

So tired!


Momma with Kase after a long day!

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  1. Shan I can't believe how big Kase is getting! Thanks for coming over the other night. Relaxing nights like that are too far and few between. Keep up on this blogging thing so I can stay in the know even though life is so crazy!